Bouncing Back from Burnout


Work-related stress and burnout have become ubiquitous parts of modern life irrespective of career level and job functions. Taking time out of your busy schedule for self-care to combat stress and burnout can feel self-indulgent or just one more soul-crushing item on the to-do list. In this session, learn the key signs and symptoms of burnout, how to encourage a workplace culture that prevents burnout, and practical tools that can fit into any schedule to bounce back, re-energize, and regain your passion.


Julie Pridham, SHRM-CP has parlayed an education in Egyptology and an early career in education in Austria’s agricultural heartland into a mission of putting humanity back into human resources. Julie focuses on the experience of women and underrepresented minorities in the workforce, including societal and cultural expectations. Currently the director of human resources at Kyruus, a healthcare technology company, Julie leads the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and has spearheaded several successful holistic employee experience initiatives.