Breathe Properly, Live Happily!


In spite of their major successes, achievements and accolades, nine out of 10 women in the corporate world admit that they get tired, stressed out, and burnt out. This session will equip you with simple, powerful techniques to overcome unexpected stresses and maintain an overall mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. By the end of the session, you will know how to increase your productivity, harmonize work and life, improve your health, become a more focused and productive leader, as well as improve emotional stability to combat outside pressures.


Patience Hemenway, MS is an international bestselling author and speaker who has survived of the storms of life as a mother, leader, and wife. Patience reached rock bottom as an immigrant, single mother, and grad student working 3 jobs. She experienced miscarriages, bullying, stress, and panic attacks. Burnout became her middle name. Yes, she overcame them and remained calm during her daughter’s near drowning and husband’s discharge from the hospital – all in the same day.