The Power of No


Steps to Becoming rePOWERed is an inspirational open discussion for women of all ages. This interactive discussion includes recognizing yourself, embracing the journey, practicing self-love, breaking free from societal conditions, and learning to say no. In our highly stressed, reality-TV driven, social-media consuming world, FOMO can create a cycle of anxiety, depression, isolation, and envy. Rather than compare and despair, learn skills to free yourself to live the life you want, and pursue your own passions, happiness, and greater contentment.


Janiece Diaz is the founder and CEO of HomeBound LLC, a private for-profit organization that specializes in homeownership education, counseling, and financial coaching. After 12 years in the non-profit sector, Janiece broke free from those constraints and built her own small business. She is a licensed realtor and certified in financial coaching.


A full-time voice actor since 2005, Liz Solar has an extensive broadcast media background, has hosted music programs, produced and developed interview shows, and anchored newscasts. Liz hosts live events, participates in storytelling, and performs on camera. An instructor at Emerson College, she is also a mentor and private voice coach.